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A quick Self-help guide to Android Application Stores

Google Play is not the one and only industry for Android applications. Many people are incentivized to find apps outside Google Play for several reasons. The main Android marketplace is huge and popular, but however this makes latest apps harder to find out. Alternative markets may include apps which were filtered from Google Play, country-special apps, or simply just be created for special devices (including Amazon Appstore).

Alternative application stores has concerns faced by both users and software owners. For users there's an increased likelihood of getting malware or apps with poor UX. For developers and software owners the problems may hide in terms and types of conditions of app deployment, along with piracy issues. Don't assume all choices to Google Play are equally useful, however, many might be interesting for expanding the region of app distribution.

Google Play Store

Everybody knows the giant Google Play, the key target of developers' efforts. Thus it's not quite essential to write much about this. Whatever stores you select for your app, they're that are complementary to this one, which holds more than million apps in their vaults.

Amazon Appstore

As we talk about typically the most popular option to Google Play, we discuss Amazon Appstore. This is actually the default store for Amazon kindle fire tablets, which operate a forked version of Android and often top the lists of the largest Android tablets. Therefore it may be useful for people who just love tablet-optimized apps. For mobile users, we have an interesting feature called 'Test Drive' that allows trying out an app by launching an online copy inside the browser, plus a popular free-app-of-the-day feature. For developers, there is a stricter quality control than you are on Google Play Store. Currently roughly 128,000 apps in Amazon Appstore, and it's obtainable in a lot more than 200 countries worldwide.


TutuApp is easily the most popular application among the smartphone users. It helps one to download hack version of any app. With the aid of TutuApp, you can get any app available on Tutuapp Store.

Tutu app is an app store which enables you to download any app or game much like google play store. The astonishing part about tutu app is that you could download n quantity of premium or paid app or game of your choice without shedding a single cent. The greatest advantage of using tutu app on PC is that you could get a huge storage space for installing various apps.
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